Recording Video Lessons


Frustrated With Recording?



  • Learn how to listen
  • Learn what to listen for
  • Learn how to mix, EQ, and use effects
  • Learn how to master
  • Do it all yourself without spending a bundle
  • Stop wasting weeks or months on one song



What You Wish You Could Do!



  • Make your material sound good everywhere
  • Create beautiful, spacious mixes
  • Make your songs sound as pro as possible
  • Get that killer guitar tone
  • Use midi, samplers and modules
  • Get a good drum and bass sound
  • Use a compressor and other effects



Learn one on one using video!



  • Personal lessons created just for you
  • Watch Danny Danzi mix your song in real time
  • Learn recording tricks that fit YOUR needs
  • Videos made for you that you own for life
  • Your own personal teacher
  • Free advice on your material for life from Danny Danzi once you become a student


 Download Sample Video!
High Quality (65MB)
Low Quality  (18MB)
*Actual video's sent will be much better quality.  These are just examples.


Save Time & Money!



  • Learn a trade that is fun and challenging
  • Rely on no one but yourself
  • Save money without going to pricey schools
  • Save on mastering and mix engineers
  • Enjoy mixing projects stress-free
  • Create a good mix in an hour or less


Strengths and Advantages


The recording field can be very tedious and time consuming. So much so that some people dread every minute of it. This can completely destroy your creativity level, force you to hire an engineer, and cost you a load of money. I can't promise you that you will be a pro engineer nor can I certify you, but I CAN promise you will understand this field and improve the sound of your material ten-fold. I am not a certified engineer but I have released 2 of my own albums worldwide and have mixed and mastered projects for private clients all over the world.


Some Honesty


Now let me also be honest here. I do not recommend mixing or mastering yourself if you will be releasing a product worldwide with a record label. You better really know your stuff if you’re going to do this. The reason being is quite simple. When we do everything ourselves, it is way too easy to miss the obvious as we get way too close to the material. A nationally released product or a project that is done for an Indy label should be mixed and mastered by a professional. That someone can be me if you need me. But we’ll get to the other services I offer later on down the page. J 


Okay, I love it! What next?


Send me an email at and discuss your needs with me personally. From there, if your particular lesson is something we both agree on, we will discuss pricing for that particular project. You MUST own recording gear and a decent set-up in order to grasp these lessons and you must have a basic understanding regarding the recording field. All mixing tutorials will be done in Sonar Producer 8. Though you may not have Sonar, the language and basic aesthetics to what I will be teaching will apply to any DAW software. The effects I use will look different than some that you use, but you will be able to copy my settings and put them into your own effects. The idea is to learn what I’ve done to fix your material and apply it in your own environment. The techniques I may use for your project will not be procedures that will work with every situation. Each session is different and will present you with many new challenges and fun experiences. My job is to make them fun experiences, not stressful endeavors that make you wonder why you decided to try and record and mix a tune today.