News and Updates
Studio Update:  

Hi everyone!

As promised, I'm keeping in better touch now. :) Just a quickie update this time. All guitar solos are now complete for the album on all 15 songs! I don't know which songs will make it, but it's going to be a very hard decision as they all kick my butt! I'm so excited about this, I can't wait to start dropping samples of the album for you to check out! I'm hoping to start working on lead vocal tracks sometime tomorrow or early next week the latest. I'll be in touch soon with another update. Rock at ya later!

Much love,


Van Halen Nation Departure:  

Hey everyone!

A little sad news for those who were into my tribute band, VHN. I made the decision to leave a few days ago and it was one that just had to be made. For a little over a year or so, I found myself very unhappy with some of the decisions that were made and came to the realization that I just was no longer interested in what the band had become. We had a blue print for the band that never materialized due to several reasons, so we one day became a tribute band. That was never my intent, but I rode the train as it was at times, a fun ride.

But as time went on, things happened that were never resolved, decisions were made that left me shaking my head as well as me just disagreeing with more and more ideas. When the term "my band" was used by another member, I knew for sure I just wasn't the right guy for the job as I had felt I too was one of the reasons for the bands success. I too had sacrificed, and for a really long time. It was "our" band to me. Add in that I started to disconnect from the band as the "brotherhood" broke down for me and it was more of a job than a fun experience. I also had to take time away from MY business every practice night as well as any Friday we had a show. This became a huge issue for me especially when I don't get paid vacation days.

Sure, it was great to play and some of the pays got better, but the cons are when you add gas, tolls, vehicle wear and tear, hours to drive instead of local, 1099's, waiting for your money a week(s) or a month, it really isn't all that much better than when you played 4 nights a month at $100 cash. Pros, you hope to play in front of more people in one shot IF you're lucky.

This past week, a few things transpired to where I felt they were handled so poorly, I blew my top and decided to leave. At first I was going to finish out the shows, but the more I thought about how upset I was with the situation and how it was handled and how it SHOULD have been handled if I was really a brother, the more I felt I should go before the wrong thing was said and I REALLY blew my cool. Some may consider that unprofessional. But when you can lose your cool with the temper I have with guys that were supposed to be your friends, you leave for the sake of everyone. My health is more important than being so angry, it could get ugly. At the end of the day, VHN is supposed to be fun. If you can't have fun and have to act or wear a game face while attempting to hide your anger and unhappiness, you're not doing the band or the fans any justice. I would have been living a lie and couldn't stand one more moment with any of them brushing up against me with smiles on our faces. I was hoping things would change, but they just got worse.

All of the above said, (here's some trivia for you) if you ever go and see the band, the keyboard samples to I'll Wait and Jump (as long as they sound like Eddie) are me. I bought the samples for the Oberheim Matrix 1000 that Ed uses and created patches and played them and added a silent click track for the drummer so we could do those songs. The band will never admit to that, thank me, nor have they ever announced during a show it was me behind the boards. So I'll still somewhat virtually be with the band if they do those songs until they either get a keyboard player or someone else creates samples. Haha! :)

To me, this was the best decision I have ever made and I'm sorry I didn't do it earlier. Onward and upward for me from here. Lots of irons in the fire with my new album and other stuff that I'll share with you soon. Thank you to all the friends and fans that have supported me when I was with VHN and Skeleton Crew, and for understanding my decision. We saw, we played, and we enjoyed it while it lasted. No regrets other than I wish I left a year or two ago. I'll be in touch with some cool news soon! Working on a few guitar solos for the album, hoping to start full blown vocals next week! Stay tuned...

Much love,


Studio Update!:  

Hi everyone!

Good news from the studio! I've finally finished the drums and all the core instruments are done! I can't believe how long it's taken me since my last message. Whew, it was both a nightmare and an incredible learning experience. Things were going quite well tracking the drums as I had mentioned in my last update. I was breezing through getting done a song a every few days to a week. You know how it goes. I had to listen to the song, listen to what Guy my last drummer was doing and then do my best to cop it and add a bit of myself into it. Well, let me tell you, as the songs got deeper they got considerably harder. Like so hard, quite a few of them literally took me weeks to a month to get down. I was so frustrated at times, I was ready to hire a drummer! But I stuck it out and can say my drumming skills are better than when I was playing every day years ago and 1 million % better than what I did on SLIT. This album is just as crazy on the drums as it is on guitar, bass and everything else. It's very musical as well as loaded with melodies you can sing along to.

So I finally get through what I think is the hardest stuff on drums, and all of a sudden, I have pains in both my arms and in my right shoulder. Playing drums was pure agony. I took about a week off in hopes things would feel a little better. I even changed medication (I have a little inherited high cholesterol) as Statins can give you muscle pain. That didn't help. Went to a chiropractor, that didn't help either. So I've been finishing out the drums in so much pain, it's not been a very fun experience for me. 3 more super hard songs and another month goes by. To make matters a little worse, the last song on the album called for a little something different in the middle. I came up with what I thought would be the perfect part until I played drums to it. This left me messing around with a 15 second part for over a week. LOL! If you guys don't like this album and it doesn't go anywhere for me, I go out knowing I gave you the best music and presentation I was humanly capable of, that's for sure. :)

So this morning is a huge achievement for me. As of now, I of course still have a lot of work to do, but it should (hopefully) be a downhill run from here. Drums and bass on this album needed to be great. It's very groove oriented and nothing I have ever done before sounds like this. I also never played with musicians as scary as Joey and Guy, so learning their parts as well as coming up with my own was incredibly challenging. The rhythm guitars are done, the clean guitars are done and most of the lead guitars are done. I have a few more leads to play, and then have vocals and back up vocals to do as the hardest things left. I'm singing like a lunatic now that I'm 5 years smoke free, so the hardest part of the singing will be me making up my mind which melodies I like better. I'm hoping that will be easy too as I've already done a pretty extensive pre-production test run of the entire album.

Some keyboard spots (not much, just a few spots here and there) and a few production things to try and I should be good to go. When might this all be done? Hard to say as I'm also swamped with client work as well as still working on my house. Studio is done and looks awesome. Working on the basement now. I'm hoping to maybe have the entire album done by the end of the summer or close to it to where I'm ready for mastering. So things are good. My health is good, my fiance is wonderful, my dogs are great....and I thank God for another day alive. I hope you all are doing well and I'll have more news for you shortly. Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!

Much love!


Studio Update!:  

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick studio update for you. I've finished 9 out of 15 songs on drums and couldn't be happier with how things are turning out. I was a bit hesitant to take the whole multi-instrument thing on due to the insane talent the DeFalco brothers have that I've had to compete with. But I sure am glad I decided to take this on. Playing each instrument until the album is done has helped immensely. I used to always complete a song in its entirety but decided this time, to play an instrument and stay on it until all the songs are done. It's helped because one of the issues I've had in the past was, I'm primarily a guitarist and a singer. Though I've played drums and bass since I was a kid, when you don't play them for a year or more, and then try to play something worthy enough to make it to your album, you have to really have your skills together. I'm simply not good enough to just jump on an instrument and give you a performance like the DeFalco brothers would unless I literally play bass and drums more than once or twice a year. LOL!

So that's what I've been doing. It's not only made the tracks sound incredible, it's made me a better musician. I really thought I'd never do the whole "Somewhere Lost In Time" where I do everything, again. It really is a lot of work. But, I believe in the material on this album and I'm going to try and push it as far as I can. I will most likely have a guest playing bass on one song because I just feel he would play the song better than I would. The song requires a different skill set of pop and slap stuff that I'm just not strong enough to handle right now. I've been practicing it and will have it down for the next time I do a song like this, but it's not quite there yet. I wanted to get someone that absolutely slays on that stuff and whew...wait until you hear this guy!

So for now, I'm sort of on schedule and have been working on the album a few days a week in my spare time. I figured I'd probably get the drums done during the month of January. I may fall a little short on that, but hey...I just finished a super hard song that's almost 7 minutes worth of ass kickin' and it took me a little more than a week to get a drum track I was happy with. I finished it about 15 minutes ago...glad that one is done! The solo is even sicker than the're gonna love this stuff! :) I can't wait to get to the fun stuff like lead guitar and producing!

Anyway, that's it for now. I'll be in touch with more news soon! Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

Much love,

Danny Danzi

Me again for the 3rd time?!:  

Happy New Year everyone! I hope this year brings you health, luck, love and prosperity! Yep, as promised, I'm keeping in touch. :-P All bass tracks on the album are complete except for one. I've decided to have a guest appear on that particular track, so when he's done, all the bass tracks will be complete.

Started drum tracking the day after New Years and I've finished 4 tracks already. This album is really sounding great and I'm so excited, I literally teared up as I was listening back tonight because I'm really happy about how it's all turning out and I'm really giving my all on this. So hopefully something good comes of it. But if not, I'll one heck of a killer album to use as a coaster. LOL! Stay tuned and be well!

Much Love,


Can ya believe twice in one year?:  

Hi everyone!

As promised, I want to keep you all in the loop. I finished all the bass guitar tracking for the album and am right on schedule to start tracking drums after the holidays! All the guitars are done and I'm super excited that everything is starting to fall into place.

There's even the possibility of a new...ah, I better hold off on that for right now. ;) I *think* I have some exciting news, but let me be completely sure before I say anything. Lol!

I'd also like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe, healthy and prosperous New Year! Stay tuned as I'll have more news and other good things to talk about in the coming months! 

Much love!

Danny Danzi

I'm still alive!:  

Hello everyone!

Yes, I'm alive and well. :) I've gotten so many mails asking if I was still alive and still making music. The truth is, I've been so busy with this thing called life, it's been coming at me from all different directions. So much news to send your way since I last posted anything. I'm hoping to keep in touch more as there is a new album in the works still that I really believe is going to blow you away. I know, every artist says that...but this time, I think I've found what I like to think, is my calling. But before I go on about that, let me share a little news from past to present.

A little sad news: My father passed away in 2014 which of course devastated me. I'm still in shock I lost my mom in 2007 and just shake my head when it hits that both my parents have passed. It's a part of life though, just not a part I thought would happen for a while. Being an only child makes it 1000 times worse. But God had other plans and as they say, as one door closes, another opens. If it weren't for my wonderful parents, I'd not be where I am musically. Any parents out there reading....your support can make a HUGE difference.

God had to take Dad, but made sure He sent me an angel. I've been happily engaged to a wonderful woman for a little over a year now. Can you believe it? Me neither! :) We've been fixing up our house, I've built a new studio and bought all new gear, and we even have two awesome dogs!

To add to the good news, I also have an incredible deal with Fractal Audio as a beta tester and am an endorsed artist. If you haven't checked out Fractal, the worlds greatest pre-amp, it's time! Seriously....I'd never endorse something if it sucked. Their gear is absolutely amazing! I have all their stuff here. So if you know me and are curious about the Fractal stuff, get a hold of me and we'll set something up so you can try it all out. Check me out on their artist roster with a bunch of my favorite players!

So let's talk about the album a little. In 2010, Guy DeFalco, Joe DeFalco and I started working on an album one day a week. We were all busy and that was all we could give. We got all the writing and pre-pro done in 2015 but we all just got too busy to continue. So, I've been working on the songs we wrote on my own as often as I can. I got about 15 songs to choose from at the moment and have them all done in pre-production format. I think they sound amazing! I'm working on the post production versions now and as of now have all the guitars tracked for all the songs and the bass tracked for 10 of them. There is still a lot of work to be done, but honest I'm working on things as fast as I can in every spare moment I can get.

I've struggled to do this album really bad. After I did SLIT, I made up my mind I'd never do another album all by myself again. Well, here I am...go figure. My fiancé talked me into it and has been my driving force. It's been really hard trying to play like the DeFalco brothers. They really are amazing musicians. But, they couldn't finish the album due to our schedules just not allowing for it, so I decided to do it all myself in MY image. Feeling depressed at times because of the work load, I stopped working on it for a few months. I just wasn't inspired and to be honest, I'm tired of playing all the instruments. I really felt the D brothers and I had something special that I'm sorry had to come to an end. No one I've ever played with can replace them. Even though I think I'm kicking some serious butt on this, it would sound a little different with those monsters. But I'm making myself better by accepting this challenge and even they are going to be quite proud of me when this is done. I'm a better musician all around because of this.

I started doing song at a time, but it got really hard to do because I'd play drums for 2 weeks just to get my chops back, and then not play again until the next song...and the same with the bass and singing. So I decided one day to just track each instrument for each song so I'd stay in shape playing that instrument. Currently, there are two songs completely done and assorted parts done on all the others. I'm hoping to start tracking drums after the holidays and am super excited to get this album done. My voice is sounding better than ever now that I'm closing in on 5 years without a cigarette. I'm still amazed I quit that habit! I've saved a boat load of money too!

When will the album be done? It's hard to say really. The producing part takes time as I'm doing everything myself. When you have a band, all of you play, record a part, sing and see if it works. That takes seconds. When I do it myself, I have to play each instrument, sing all the parts and the trial and error can take a few hours only to find out the idea sucks. I spent days messing with ideas for the production aspect. Me, Joey and Guy had rough template ideas but nothing is ever etched in stone until you really go for a print and see how things sound. I'm on my own, so these versions of the songs will be more in my image than they would have been if Joe and Guy were still in the picture. But we all wrote all the songs, the words and the arrangements. I altered a few things because hey, I'm the one singing and performing this stuff. I have to make it "me". :) You may see them do an album with the same songs doing their own version as we all equally own the songs.

What else....yep, still recording, mixing and mastering for people all over the world. I've even been teaching guitar a bit as well recording classes. Van Halen Nation is still performing a few times per year. We've since signed on with a great booking agent that books us at festivals. So most of our bar days are over. We still play a few once in a while, but we wanted to branch out of the Tri-state area and hit other places in the USA. You may see us in your neck of the woods as the festivals we play are all over the country. Check us out on Facebook if you get time.

That's about it for now. I'll try to keep in touch a little more often. Remember, if you ever see this domain up for sale, then worry. As of now though, if you don't hear from me, no news is always good news. :) Thanks for reading, take care everyone!

Much Love,

-Danny Danzi

Danny where are you?!:  

Hey everyone! I know it's been way too long since I posted any news. (I know I say this every time I post something!) Never fear, even if you don't hear from me, I'm alive and well and still working on music. Lot's of stuff going on as usual and as usual, it takes forever for stuff to materialize. You know how it goes...sometimes life just gets in the way. So let's talk about a few things...

Will there be another album, Danny?

My next album is nearly done in pre-production format. That means we've nearly recorded a test run of the entire thing. We've really put a lot of time, love and devotion into this next album. I really think people are going to love it because it is a little different from what you would expect from me, yet has a flavor I think you'll really enjoy. The biggest issues we've been faced with right now are, unfortunately we all have to work for a living. With record companies totally making things hard for us, most artists are forced to really do as much on their own as possible. For me, owning a studio is both a blessing and a curse. I'm so busy there are times where I just can't get to this stuff.

My partners in crime, the DeFalco brothers are in the same boat. So, we've been pretty much faced with working on the new album one day a week, so that's what the hold up is. In the days where record companies gave you a huge advance and a salary to record, I'd be able to get this right out. This band literally could write 2-4 songs per night. We have about 12 songs nearly finished and about 35 ideas that could evolve into killer songs in a few weeks time.

Our plan is to get about 15 songs done and choose the best ones for the album. We'll more than likely release another album within the next year to year and a half (if all goes well) due to how we've already got the next album sort of ready. The other issue is, we're really being meticulous with this album and wanted to do the entire thing via pre-production as a test run to make sure we were really enjoying it. We had planned to start the actual recording after the holidays, (which we believe won't take long since we have already tested everything and know exactly what we're going to do) BUT, bassist Joey D had to have a serious shoulder operation. So, his abilities will be hindered for a little while. He's in the process of healing right now doing fantastic. This shoulder surgery was even better than his last one. Props to Joey for being a tough baystid! :) In the meantime, we've been working on other stuff that needs to be done before the album is recorded, so we're still doing the best we can. I don't have any idea when this will be done, but when it's done, you'll know about it and I really think it will be worth the wait.

Something cool:

I've also quit smoking (can ya believe that?!) 34 years of that crap! As of today, I'm over 9 months clean with no intention of ever going back with 0 cravings. I'm really proud of myself because I never thought I'd ever be able to stop. To be honest, I don't think I would have stopped if a doctor told me "quit or die". That's how hooked I was. Now those of you that know me, know I'm not a religious fanatic, but I do believe in God and pray daily. I simply asked Jesus to please help me quit because I knew I'd not be able to do it on my own. Honest when I tell you, I never smoked again or got an urge after my prayer. I did get hungry easier though. So I went on a diet of carrot sticks and celery for a bit. But now I've stopped that as well.

The key is to change what you do. If you smoke while on the computer, cut your computer time down. If you smoke while driving, chew gum. The most important thing to do though when you first quit is to go on Youtube and type in search "the effects of smoking" and look at all the stuff that can and IS happening to you right now. Remember, we have an undo on our computers. You don't have an undo for your life. You may never see your kids again or your significant other.

Smoking is like having someone come to your house taking your money and then saying "thanks, I'll make sure to cut a few years off of your life". It's the stupidest thing I've ever been involved with now that I look back on it. I just hope I didn't do anything bad to my body. After I quit for a while and started seeing and feeling the changes, I said I'm sorry to my body like 100 times and hope it heard me. LOL! What did it ever do to deserve over 3000 harsh chemicals constantly rammed into it? What did yours do to deserve it?

Then you'll get upset when it breaks down and you'll wish you would have quit sooner, right? Save your money and your life. I've saved nearly $3000 already, can you believe that? My cigs were $91 per carton. How stupid was I? Not only has my life changed for the better, but wait until you hear the new voice! I think you'll notice a difference for the better. :) Try to quit, you owe it to yourself, your family, your friends and because...well, you stink! Quit for a bit and see how bad people stink. You won't believe how gross it is. :-Þ Jesus, thank You so much for helping me quit that horrible habit!

My cover band situation:

Skeleton Crew has now morphed into Van Halen Nation. You can reach us on Facebook at

Now, don't take that as Skeleton Crew is dead. We use both names. We do our mixed set of covers as Skeleton Crew and the VH set as Van Halen Nation. This way we can open up for ourselves and it's easier for us to pitch VHN to clubs and they know what they're getting. When we used Skeleton Crew and did the VH set, sometimes the name threw people off. So now we got is down. :)

That's about all I have for you for now. I'll be in touch soon with more news when I get some for you. I also want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas (or happy holiday) and a Happy New Year! Let's hope for a better 2014 with health, luck, love, prosperity and happiness!

Much love,

Danny Danzi

Something to write about for a change!:  

Hi everyone,

So much to tell you...where to start? I guess the beginning would be nice, right? we go!

New hosting company: First off, we changed hosting companies so we have our site just about completely intact thanks to my brother K. C. Jones. (Thanks man, you rule!) K.C. had everything ready to go before we even changed hosting companies so when things were ready, everything just worked for the most part. When we got all this stuff fixed he says "you know, it's been over a year since you posted any news!" I laughed the first time, then he said it again in another message to me and I took it more serious. LOL! One day runs into the next and before you know it, a year goes by. Crazy how that happens. Well, here's what's new in my world.

I'm a columnist: I got an offer to write for an only mag that puts our articles in e-book format. Really cool..wait till you see this! My good friend David Baer got me hooked up with this site (thanks David) and they've just posted my first article on room/monitor correction for those of you that want to give it a read. It's so well done and professional, my dad hugged me like 5 times because he was so proud of me and the editors that put this thing together. I'll be writing for these guys each time they put out a new edition. Check out the entire book if you have time because the other contributors are just insane...but if you want to jump to my part, you can read it here:

Music: Skeleton Crew is kicking butt all over the place. Make sure you come and see us and friend us at Facebook. We really are a cool little band that will entertain you even if you just laugh with us all night. :)

I also have been working on some Van Halen covers with the band. Here's a few I'm sure you'll recognize.

We also have some vids and stuff going around from shows. Some are good, some...well, we get a bit under the influence and have too much fun...namely me. I so can't play when I'm buzzed and just have a little too much fun sometimes because, well, I don't get out much. :)

Originals: Still working on my album with my boyz Joey and Guy. We're really coming up with some cool stuff. It's taking us a while though because of our personal lives, work and Joey and I have merged our studios. We also only get together once per week so there's only so much that can be done. But we sure are having a blast with everything. I can't wait to let you hear this new material. Not sure this line-up will ever play out, but *I* will play out with this stuff because it's too good to be left in the studio.

Studio: Working like a dog and loving it. Not making any money, but I'm still loving it. LOL! Some really great acts that I've worked with this year and a few that need some mentioning. The first is the Rick Lewis project. Not sure when this will be released or if it is already, but this was one killer rock/fusion album. Produced by Greg Howe (yes, that Greg Howe!) Rick, and myself helping out, this is one of the best instrumental albums I've worked on in a long time. I did all the mixing on this one and of course worked with Greg and Rick for the final product. You can contact Rick on his Twitter page and get the scoop.!/stratakat

Another incredible instrumental album I did was with my good friend Eric Barnett and his band Points North. Another sick album with incredible musicianship and songs. We got a chance to work with Emmy award winning engineer and producer B.Z. Lewis from studio 132. Check out Points North at and hear for yourself!

Another really killer band I just finished up this weekend is Wallow Sound. My good friend Chuck Cantasano hired me to consult and master the album. If you're into new music with infections hooks and a great vibe, check out Wallow Sound. These guys have quite a few hits in their arsenal that could definitely land them a deal. Check them out at or look for them on Facebook.

Some other incredible acts I'm working with as well that are sort of private people that are just making music for the love of it. One artist in particular is a Christian writer that is just pure genius and worth mentioning. Philip Traynor has become a great friend of mine and has included me in his projects as a friend, a mastering engineer, and artist and a producer. The stuff we've come up with is VERY different yet to me, extremely pleasing and quite a challenge. We mix rap with rock, gospel, pop, and everything else you could think of all into one. There are no rules with the stuff we work on which makes it so cool being a musician. I really enjoy working with Philip. He's been both an inspiration to me as well as a great friend and writing partner. Check out some of the stuff we've done together on his Soundclick page at:

I've played all sorts of stuff on his tunes. Vocals, rap, lead/rhythm guitar, bass, drums, mastering, producing, some mixing...the list goes on and on. The songs I've worked on are as follows:

Army of the Lord: "Army of the Lord" chorus/choir parts, mastering, co-producing.

Trouble in the Hood part 1 (I'm unable): Bass, drums, vocals in the chorus part, guitars, pipe organ, strings, the whole rock mix part, mastering.

Trouble in the Hood part 2 (Raise me Save me Lord): Arrangement, rap vocals (yes that's me doing my best urban impression!) lead/rhythm guitars, bass guitar, mastering.

Trouble in the Hood part 3 (Travesty!): Bass, rhythm/lead guitars, mastering.

Swing Me Higher: Mastering, lead/rhythm guitars, clean guitars, orchestral guitars.

Everyday: Bass, lead/rhythm guitars, additional back-up vocals, mastering.

Other than that, things have been great here. I'm doing great, my dad is doing great and we're doing the best we can in this economy..which as you know, doesn't make it easy for anyone.

That about takes care of everything for now. I'll have some more news for you soon as I have some pretty cool irons in the fire right now. Never a dull moment! Thanks for reading, I hope everyone is doing well and for sure I'll talk to you soon! God Bless!

-Danny Danzi

A little news and what's been going on!:  

Hi everyone,

Quite a bit of good stuff going on. I'll give you the low-down so you're up to snuff on everything. :)

Skeleton Crew: The band has really been doing well and playing at least once per month like we had hoped. Check us out for our schedule as well as videos and audio files at

Please keep in mind that I do not have a facebook account and will not be able to respond to your questions or comments. My bassist, Kevin Mercer runs the FB site. Our next gig is in Delaware on April 30th where we will headline a place called "The Cube" doing an 80 minute Van Halen show. Show time is 11pm for us....but there are several bands playing through out the day. It should be a killer time, so try and catch us!

Danny Danzi Band: I don't know if there will be a Danny Danzi band, but right now I'm writing the most intense music I've ever written with Joey and Guy DeFalco. I'm talking stuff that is going to blow your head off...seriously. I never thought I could top DanziLand and to be honest, after that album I really didn't have the desire to. But let me tell you guys, you're in for one heck of a ride here when we get this done. We have about 20 songs to choose from right now and have 3 complete. As soon as I get a bit further along, I'll post some sample clips for you to check out. I pretty much describe the sound as a cross between Led Zep, Whitesnake and a commercial sounding Dream Theater. I'm also in talks with a few killer labels that are interested in the new stuff. So when this thing gets done, I'm hoping we can get out there and play this material. It would be the death of me to write stuff like this and never play it out live. So I'm going to do all that I can to see that another Danny D Band is put together for this.

Mixing, Mastering, Audio Services, Video and Consultations: This is really taking off and allowing me to meet and work with some incredible human beings and musicians. I've also got a lot of work to where I play on the stuff I am mixing and mastering. This makes things so much more enjoyable, it's unreal! So if any of you are looking for any pro audio work of any kind, send me a message and we'll talk more. There's a few artists I'm working with right now that are in need of praise. I'll do some bragging for them and post up a few sample clips of our work when things are all done.

That about does it for this update. I'll be in touch with you guys soon and hope everyone is doing well. Much love!

Danny Danzi

Latest News October 23!:  

Wow, so much to tell, so little time. Here it is in brief, but if you want the lowdown in full, it's best you visit my forum at for the in depth juicy stuff. :) Ok, first off let's take care of some old news that needs to be corrected.

Skeleton Crew News: The last we spoke, my cover band Skeleton Crew was trying to get itself together. The current line-up is:

Marc Moore: Lead Vocals

Danny Danzi: Lead/Rhythm Guitar

Kevin Mercer: Bass Guitar

Mikey Bovera: Drums

We are finally playing out and have a little demo you can download if you'd like to hear the material. I've included a "still shot" video of one of the songs so you can see what we look like and how things were at one of our shows. I do have full video of it, but you know how bad the audio turns out in those, so I figured some pictures along with the audio demo I recorded might be a better representation. You can download it here:

If you have a Facebook page, make sure you visit us and add us at and you'll be up to date with what we're up to. I don't have a facebook page, so you won't be able to contact me. Kevin, our bassist runs that S-Crew FB page, but I do check it out from time to time to see the messages people leave.

Tommy Lee Project News: Next, remember the Tommy Lee project that I was working on that I promised you I'd let you hear? Well, I finally got around to getting that together as well. I'll spare you the in depth details on that in this brief, but if you want to know the full scoop on that, visit my message forum in the "News section" and you can see how it all transpired as well as what the final outcome was. I've included the 4 tunes and a text file with some production notes in the zip for you. You can download it here:

Danny Danzi New Album News: Now onto the original music news! So far, myself and the DeFalco brothers have written about 14 tunes for the new album. We're so excited we're having a hard time not letting any material out. We kinda let one song slip out that shouldn't have, but it was only slipped to a few trust-worthy people in our lives as well as 2 radio stations that played the song one time. You had to listen to the interview to hear it, sorry! Hahaha! The song went over very well and was received way better than we thought it would. We've been in negotiations with 3 record labels presently, and will probably sign a deal by the end of the holidays if all goes well. I'll try to keep you posted on that as it all transpires.

"Where the heck have you been Danny?" News:  Good question...when *I* find me, I'll let you all know. LOL! Well, the production end of things has really picked up. Like to the point of insanity. I lost my main recording pc a few months ago, and that really messed me up. I only lost one important file that wasn't super important, but everything else (because I'm a back-up pack-rat) was saved. But once the new system got here, the work was just unbearable. As a matter of fact, I'm STILL trying to catch up from it and then new projects came in as, yeah, total nightmare. I do welcome the work though, so it's a good thing. In this economy, you gotta grab it when it comes your way because you never know what the heck will happen from day to day. So the production end (mixing, mastering, producing, video editing and video recording lessons etc) has really kept me busy. It's funny, a girl I dated years ago...her mom was they claimed. I never much believed in any of that stuff. She told me "you wait Danny, in a few years, you'll be more on the production end of the business than the playing part."

I can still remember the feeling I got when she said that to me. It bothered me because it really wasn't where I wanted to end up. I laughed at her and said "it will never happen". She said "you mark my so WILL happen." Sure enough, 10 years's exactly as she said. However, it's only like that because it's been my choice. I figure, some day I'm not gonna look so hott in my lil rockstar outfit with my lil booties...if or when that ends, I'm going to have to work doing *something* right? It might as well be something I enjoy that I'm pretty decent at. But first and foremost, I need to perform and write songs. That's my passion and it will always be my passion. It's nice to get into the production side though because now I'm at the point where I don't need to rely on anyone for anything, and let me tell you, that in itself is a great feeling!

Anyway, sorry I've been out of touch and I hope this message finds you all well. You guys got my webmaster K.C. Jones to thank for this update...he yelled at me for not posting in over a year! And my bud Lee was yellin' at me on my forum to come out and play! So I figured, before everyone starts ganging up on me, I better say a little something! Hahaha! Well, until next time, thanks for your friendship and support!

Much Love,

Danny Danzi

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